A little slice of Spain on Manchester's busiest street


Ever since our tips to Madrid and Barcelona we've been more than a little obsessed with Spanish cuisine and they're way of life. There's just something so relaxed about the culture and how they go about their day and how they appreciate food. Tapeo & Wine has always intrigued us, the only thing that's ever stopped us visiting until now has been it's Deansgate location - we're not saying you can't have a nice place on Deansgate (Dirty Martini is an excellent example of this) but there's just something overly touristy about the location which means it's never our first port of call.

Putting our Deansgate snobbery aside we stopped by a couple of weekends ago to see if there tapas looked as good in real life as it does on Instagram (spoiler alert - it does!). As soon as you step in the door you're transported away to The Mediterranean and if you couldn't see the Manchester architecture outside you'd truly believe you're in Spain. There's plenty of cured meats put on display being sliced before your eyes, Spanish beers on tap and even our favourite Spanish gin, Larios available for a cheeky tipple.

The menu options are pretty vast but we didn't make it past the appetisers and tapas because there was far too many that he just HAD to try. If we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times... if octopus is on the menu we're going torpedoed if and so should you. Tapeo & Wine serve theirs with hummus and sesame, a delightful combination that's earthy and super savoury which perfectly complements the succulent octopus. Our waiter recommended that we tried his favourite from the menu (huevos rotos con chorizo y pimentos del padron) and we're passing that on to you because it was probably our favourite dish of the evening. The skillet arrives hot straight from the stove, with padron peppers, chorizo and peppers topped with duck eggs and the only way to eat it is to get completely stuck in and messy, ensuring you've got a bit of everything on your fork every time. We'd also recommend trying the grilled black pudding with piquillo peppers, a dish that's a million miles away from the bury black pudding we know and love but yet fills us with as much joy through its juicy crumbly goodness.

If Spanish food is your thing we'd highly recommend you get down and give it a go, you won't be disappointed!