A relaxing brunch at 19 Cafe Bar


A bit out of the way of the usual Manchester brunch haunts is 19 Cafe Bar, sat right on the edge of the northern, near that weird Piccadilly area that if you’re from Manchester you try to walk quickly past and forget that it exists. So, because of its location you’d be forgiven for not knowing it’s there, but trust us if brunch is your thing, you need to pay them a visit.

Step inside and you’re greeted by extremely warm & friendly staff and a place with really relaxing vibes, perfect to kick off your weekend. Not only that, but the brunch menu seems to hit every single spot you’d like it to, with everything from eggs benedict, to spicy breakfast sandwiches featuring sriracha mayo (side note, everything is better with sriracha mayo) and even classic indulgences like pancake stacks.

We decided to go for the classic egg florentine as well as an open bagel featuring smashed avocado, halloumi, sun dried tomatoes and thyme oil. We paired them up with a iced chai latte made with coconut milk for an extra kick of flavour, as well as something new to us, a dirty chai latte. If you’ve not heard of it, it’s all the deliciousness of a chai latte, with the kick of caffeine from an espresso dropped in (or in Liam’s case, a double espresso).

We’ve had our fair share of brunches in our time, and this was up there with some of the best. Really delicious ingredients, thoughtfully put together and just the right amount of food on the plate, something we find a problem in some places. What made our visit even better, is that we got to finish it off with a affogato, something we will ALWAYS order if it’s on the menu.

Will we be back? We’d say so, it was relaxing, tasty, not too busy and very very friendly!