A taste of things to come at Honey, Hotel Gotham


If you've ever been to Hotel Gotham or its restaurant Honey you'll know how truly beautiful this place is and how much they care about every last detail, even just walking past the building you can tell there's something very special going on inside. To celebrate their 3rd birthday and their newly appointed head chef we were invited to an exclusive tasting menu in the restaurant, something we definitely couldn't say no to!

A tasting menu isn't something they usually do but all of the dishes we tried will be making an appearance on the à la carte menu so you can pick your favourites to try. That said, we have a sneaking suspicion that a tasting menu might be the next thing they've got tucked up their sleeve. The menu is focussed around produce that's just come into season and how to make them shout with lots of clever techniques like pickling, smoking and pureeing.

For us the stand out had to be the blushing pink lamb served with wild & regular asparagus, plenty of wild garlic and homemade gnocchi flavoured with even more of the wild garlic, a beautiful dish to look at and to eat. If we could make that gnocchi at home we'd probably eat it every day, perfectly crisp on the outside, fluffy & squidgy inside and very well seasoned. The melt-in-the-mouth pigs cheek was a close contender for our favourite dish as it was a real rich dish full of smoke flavours, made from a powerful combination of bonito, ponzu and yuzu. If fish is your thing opt for the perfectly cooked scallops accompanied with white bait, oyster mayo, samphire and blistered cucumber crafted with active yeast giving texture.

The restaurant itself is extremely beautiful and has views to be very envious of, just imagine eating your meal whilst watching the sun set though the Art Deco style windows. Then add to that a live piano player providing elegant background versions of all your favourite songs, expect to hear songs from the Love Actually soundtrack, Queen and Bowie too.

Overall the tasting menu was exceptional and highlighted exactly why they have achieved 2 AA rosettes. We'll be back again soon to see what else the a la carte menu has to offer!