A whole lotta Mikkeller lovin' in Barcelona


When you find a real gem in the world it just feels wrong not to shout about it from the rooftops..... Mikkeller Bar in Barcelona is one of those real gems. What makes it special? Pretty much everything...

Let’s start with the beer. Mikkeller has been Danielle’s favourite brewery after discovering Running Club at Leeds Beer Festival back in 2016, a simple easy to drink beer with a very cute label. After that we try and spy out Mikkeller in any craft beer shops or bars but it’s not always the easiest to come by so when you spot a bar that’s by the brewery you’re in beer heaven. The menu is pretty extensive with around 20 beers on tap, mainly Mikkellers own brews but a few guests too and then there’s a full fridge of all varieties of fancy bottles and cans. You can try before you buy so if there’s something you’re not sure on just ask for a taster before you commit. The glassware is super cute too (something we’re always a fan of - see our post on Manchester’s secret cocktail bar for some beautiful examples) with branded wine glass style glasses that you just want to steal (don’t worry, we didn’t take any!

The styling is just very cool with a statement blue floor throughout, hanging industrial lights, backlit floating shelves and of course lots of that distinctive Mikkeller framed artwork. The place is quite literally like you’ve stepped into a Pinterest board, with every inch being completely instagrammable!

So all good so far but the food must suck right? Wrong! These guys are literally nailing every element. The menu is relatively small but yet there’s so much choice from burgers and wings to avocado toast and beer beef jerky, all of which are extremely reasonably priced. If you’re heading in for a few drinks we’d recommend ordering some of the Spanish cheeses because you can literally munch away on them all evening and it’s a great plate for a date night or to share with a group of friends. 

Would we go back? Absolutely, over our week in Barcelona we spent 2 evenings here so the proof is in the pudding! Click here to see our other Barcelona recommendations if this had you hombres wanting more.