Barcelona's best burger


Every city has to have an amazing burger place and Barcelona has quite a few options but for us nothing beats Bacoa with its envious spot right on the front of one of the most popular beaches. You genuinely can't beat a big burger, cool beer and some sea & people watching sat in the sun! We'd spied this place before we'd flown out to Barca and earmarked it as a place to visit because the branding is pretty cool and their novel ordering system looked interesting too but then completely stumbled upon it whilst we were exploring the city so it felt like fate had blessed up with sweet juicy burger goodness. 

Their philosophy is everything is homemade or sourced from the best suppliers they can find, with their beef, bread and ice cream suppliers all linked to on their site so everything is as transparent as it can be. When it comes to order you grab yourself a little check sheet & pencil and tick off everything you want to order, choose your patty, choose your toppings from their 14 combinations and then add any extra toppings, choose your bun or bowl, add any sides and order your drinks. We opted for their best selling namesake La Bacoa in a brioche bun, which is generously topped with bacon, cheddar and semi-cured cheese, home made pickles, homemade pickles and artisan mustard, everything that a good burger should have and more! We've had our fair share of epic burgers (here's our favourites closer to home) but this one has us reminiscing pretty regularly, the extremely succulent burger, the rich toppings, those hand cut crispy fries, and their homemade picante sauce just make us want to jump on a plane straight back to Barcelona.

If you're visiting the city this is our must do recommendation.