Bucket List Tapas In Barcelona


On our food bucket list we've always fancied finding a small authentic tapas bar where we could eat amongst the locals and sample the delicacies outside of the normal tourist areas. The idea of shouting across a busy bustling bar and having our orders jotted down and totted up behind the bar just had us excited, especially when we discovered Quimet & Quimet just a short twenty minute walk from our Barcelona home from home. Rumour has it that the locals sometimes queue for hours just to get in this tiny tapas heaven so we headed down nice and early to avoid the wait... only to be stood outside queuing for around 30 minutes but the atmosphere inside the restaurant had us hooked and we just needed to get in to get a better look at those super high shelves housing more spirits than you could even imagine. Waiting in the warm Barcelona sun didn't hurt either - if it'd been in our own rainy city we might have given in!

Once you finally get inside you're given an area to perch in and you order from the same person behind the bar each time (so they can keep track of your bill) by shouting your requests across the room. We'd watched plenty of the smoked salmon, yoghurt and truffle honey flying out whilst we were queuing outside so we had to taste that for ourselves and quite frankly it was probably the best thing we ate during our whole week in Barcelona! So rich yet so delicate, a party in the mouth that really wasn't stingey with its ingredients, that good that we ordered it more than once.... (quite a few times more if we're being completely honest). The delights don't end with that one though, there's blue cheese, anchovies, roasted peppers and a whole other world of delights to be had. Oh and try the paprika chips too, they've seriously droolworthy!

If we could only have one recommendation for things to do and places to eat in Barcelona Quimet & Quimet would be it. Book a flight and go now. We'll see you at the bar... 

Ps. As that was only hypothetical if you do want other recommendations you can see our others right here.. we'll also be putting together a Barcelona Travel Guide real soon too!