Built from the grounds up, a look into Manchester's biggest coffee shop


When it comes to coffee it’s no secret that we can be pretty particular, if we can help it you won’t find us getting our caffeine fix in any old coffee shop. So on a rainy afternoon in Manchester (is there any other type of afternoon here) we found ourselves getting our daily caffeine hit in Foundation Coffee House in The Northern Quarter. 

This place is HUGE, probably the biggest coffee shop in Manchester (or at least the biggest we’ve been in), so even on aSaturday you shouldn't have any trouble finding a spot to sit and with about 10 people behind the counter, creating all manner of drinks, you won't have to wait long to be served either. Having a nosey behind the counter it seemed they had coffee gear worth being very jealous of, with an ek43, a La Marzocco espresso machine and everything from siphons to Chemex’s for brewing coffee. There's even a cute little shop next to the counter selling mugs, totes and other little gifting bits.

Both times we’ve been in they’ve been serving Origin coffee, so we’re guessing that’s their regular roaster which is good because it's a firm favourite of ours too. The two Chemex’s we’ve had in Foundation were both excellent, with the coffee being crystal clear and super juicy! Like we said, they create all manner of drinks here, so we’ve also given the chai latte and the matcha latte a try, both of which were beautifully made and tasted fantastic, perfect to warm you through on a cold wet day in Manchester. Not only that but they've got a huge array of fancy soft drinks & cocktails too - we're already planning to go back to try their espresso martinis!