Chips & gravy on a burger? New menu at Almost Famous


We've confessed our love for Almost Famous before, its hands down the best burger in Manchester (and probably the U.K.) so when they launched their new menu a couple of weeks ago we just had to go and get our hands seriously dirty trying the new additions. The classics all remain so you can still get your fix of Famous, Triple Nom, River Phoenix and Everyone's Got A Gun In Texas but mixed in between are some pretty insane creations. Stand outs for us were Guy Ritchie (double cheeseburger, cheddar, wonder buttered peppered steak, shoestring onions, pickles, smoky bacon ketchup, chipotle mayo), Unfairground (double cheeseburger, deep fried bacon, nacho cheese sauce, shoestring onions, American mustard, smoky bacon ketchup, peppered mayo) and This Is Manchester (double cheeseburger, cheddar, BBQ pulled pork, gravy chips, wonder onions, creamy peppered mayo, Dijon mustard) as there was only the two of us and there's no chance of us taking down 3 of these beasts we ordered the last two.

So gravy chips on a burger, does it work? Damn right! The thick rich gravy, the extra carbs, the saucy pulled pork, the cheese, the mayo, everything was just insane and is hands down a new favourite in the L+P house. Unfairground was another firm winner and is the perfect dirty burger serving up everything you need on there in epic quantities. We previously always ordered the Double Wonder, but Unfairground feels like a powered up version, so why would you stick with charmander when you could have a charizard? The sides have also been upgraded too with wonder waffles over taking bacon bacon fries for us, they've served us well for years but the new combination of waffles, nacho cheese sauce and bacon rain is a real winning combination.

Now that's enough talk, let's let those burgers talk for themselves...