Discovering The Fish & Chips Shop in Barcelona


When you grow up “Up North” fish & chips becomes a staple of your diet, every Friday evening like clockwork you’d hear the ringing voices of dads up and down the streets shouting “I’m nipping to the chippy, what do you want?”. Liam’s order would of always been battered sausage or fish scone & chips, while Danielle was pretty open as long as there was a big pot of chip shop curry to dip in! It would be greasy, with paper stuck to your chips or your fish batter stuck to the tray and it always needed to be washed down with a can of vimto or dandelion & burdock but that just added to the charm. 

Fish & chips has never really been a classy affair, even if you went to somewhere a bit more up market but The Fish & Chips Shop in Barcelona is here to change that! Gone are the shiny steel counters and the old fashioned posters donning the tiled walls, and instead insert cosy bar stools, dark blue walls and pretty sweet illustrations. Order yourself a gin & tonic or one of their own brewed beers and watch the guys carefully slicing fresh fish, making beer batters and frying everything in front of your eyes. You can order your usual fish and chips or switch it up with melt-in-the-mouth fried calamari, Spain’s favourite Padron peppers fried in a tempura batter or even order a bowl of edamame. Expect everything to come served in a paper cone (some things can’t be changed) with a pot of curried mango chutney for dipping and tiny fish forks for eating with. The chips are probably the best chippy chips we’ve had outside of the UK (very few manage to nail them!) but what made them extra special is that they appeared to be coated in a dry chip shop curry seasoning which made every bite taste insane. The batters are all so delicate that they don’t get soggy and leave you feeling sluggish but pack enough of a punch to get you munching through every last morsel. 

One thing that makes us happy is that this place is in Barcelona and not around the corner from us because we would 100% be eating from here every single week! If you’re visiting Barcelona or lucky enough to live there we really insist that you check this place out.