Fondue Pt. 2 - Indulgent Cheese Fondue at Bock Biére


You might remember Bock Biere from when we discovered their Sunday Lunch Fondue back in September. After trying their crisp German lager and sumptuous 8 hour brisket with beer infused gravy we vowed to come back to check out more of the menu, which brings us to fondue pt 2... the cheese edit!

Promising to serve 2-4 people (although you'll be sad you have to share with anyone once you try your first bite) and priced at £20 the Cheese Fondue is quite the steal, especially if you're splitting the bill four ways. So what do you get for £20? You get a hot bubbly pan of 4 cheeses, Belgian beer and creme fraiche, a combination that's super delicious but not too rich that it makes you sick, accompanied by pots of steak, mini chorizo sausages, baby potato rostis, focaccia bites and crunchy veg - enough to leave you happily dipping & dunking away for a good half an hour whilst you catch up with loved ones. The whole dish was pretty delicious but then you really can't go wrong with steak, chorizo and cheese can you?

The thing we love about a good fondue is the fact that you can really take your time without your food going cold, giving you a much more relaxing experience! Although the fondue is incredibly delicious we probably won't return for this one again as it wasn't quite on the same level as the Sunday lunch fondue for us, and when you live in Manchester with soooo much incredible food within reach it was to be something spectacular for us to want to order the same dish again. That said we will definitely be back again because we still want to try their moules frites, and that Bock Biere lager can't keep us away!