Manchester’s katsu game has been upped


It’s not hard to notice that Japanese food is booming at the moment with new Japanese restaurants & street food vendors popping up all over the place,  loads more Japanese food in Supermarkets, and you can’t go on Instagram without spotting a big bowl of ramen or some pretty fine looking sashimi. So with Japanese food on the mind we took a trip to one of Manchester’s newest opening, Oishi-Q, based in the vibrant student quarter they’re serving up izakaya style Japanese cuisine on a budget. Now don’t let the budget bit mislead you into thinking you’ll be ordering something thrown together, because that’s far from what you’ll get.

Grab yourself a seat on the big family style benches or pull up a bar stool in the window and order yourself a big glass of iced tea, whether you go for the green or lemon you’ll be making an exceptional decision as you’re sipping on the perfectly perfumed drink whilst listening to a nice hip hop playlsit & watching the open kitchen busily working away. The menu is pretty difficult to choose from as you’ll want to order everything, and then even when you’ve decided on a dish you’ll then have to decide whether you want fried kara-age chicken or panko breaded chicken or pork (and they’re all delicious). As Oishi-Q is famed for their katsu dishes we opted for the chicken katsu served with sticky white rice, Japanese mayo and tonkatsu sauce. We also went for our fave chicken kara-age curry which has a light spice running throughout. When you compare it to the competition we’d say Oishi-Q are blowing them out of the water, especially when you consider theirs costs under £10. 

If you’re pretty hungry order a few of their smaller dishes to come along side your main, we’d recommend the melt-in-your-mouth spicy squid kara-age which come smothered in Japanese mayo and shichimi togarashi which gives them a tasty kick. Or if you’re a chicken fan you have to order their Oishi-Q wings which are so damn crispy and come with a deliciously moreish sweet chilli sauce for dipping.

For the price and the quality you really can’t go wrong, so next time we’re in the area we’ll definitely be dropping in again. You can order Oishi-Q on deliveroo too so if it’s in your area we'd 100% order in, although you could quickly find yourself dangerously addicted.