New Brunch Menu at Home Sweet Home NQ


There's so many brunch spots in Manchester but no matter who you ask Home Sweet Home is up there with the best. Coincidence that their sister restaurants Almost Famous make the best burgers in Manchester and Luck Lust Liquor & Burn make the best burritos in Manchester? We think not! As with any of their places you know you're going to get a damn good meal every time and it certainly has us coming back time and time again.

They recently launched new menus at their Northern Quarter restaurant, as for the breakfast menu there's 2 or 3 new additions and then tweaks to their best sellers to make them even more amazing like their giant pancake changing to a 3 pancake stack. Their baked eggs is absolute brunch goals with toasted sourdough, perfectly poached eggs, a smoky & spicy tomato sauce with chunky chipotle, onions and peppers, crumbled feta and finished with halloumi or chorizo. For us halloumi always wins and is perfect for scooping up every last bit of that insane sauce.

Their new pancake stacks are hard to beat and for us the best in Manchester although we'll always be a fan of Bill's blueberry & buttermilk pancakes. Choose from Nutella & banana, fresh berries & compote or Oreo & frosting they're deliciously fluffy, taste incredibly naughty but don't leave you feeling sluggish for the entire day like some of the heavier breakfasts at Moose cafe do. The crumbled cinnamon grahams over the top is a nice nostalgic surprise and give a really nice crunch and break up the sweetness from the Nutella, sticky bananas and salted caramel.

If you can see fried chicken and waffles on a menu and not order it then you're not our kind of person. We literally can't resist this moreish combo of spiced fried chicken, extremely fluffy waffles, crispy bacon and sticky maple syrup topped with a fried egg - HSW don't ever change a thing!