New Sunday lunch menu at Blanchflower, Altrincham


Opening a new restaurant in Altrincham must be pretty daunting as there's already so many successful joints, like The Con Club, Sugo and Altrincham Market to name a few but a few months ago Blanchflower took that challenge upon themselves and we're so glad they did! This bakery / coffee shop / swanky restaurant promises simple plates, amazing flavours and an ingredient list you can count on one hand and boy do they deliver that. As Liam is lucky enough to work around the corner from Blanchflower it's quickly become the spot for long lunches, or a quick drop in for brownies-to-go. Their selection of cakes, bakes & slices is seriously enviable, all freshly baked and super delicious so if you're ever in the area we suggest you stop in for some of them alone.

We stopped by to try their newly launched Sunday lunch, a short & simple menu of a handful of snacks & sharing plates to start, a couple of meat options, a veggie & a fish dish for main, followed by a few options for dessert if you've not been defeated by the mains (spoiler alert - we couldn't fit in a pudding!). If seafood is your thing we'd heavily recommend starting with the frito misto of baby squid, king prawns, haddock and citrus mayo, the perfect size for two to share and all extremely fresh and tender - nobody likes a mouthful of chewy squid!

When it comes to Sunday lunches if beef is on the menu you can guarantee Liam will order it, especially when he's asked by the waiter "it's served pink, is that ok?". We don't know if Blanchflower are sneaking out and playing spa music for the cows and giving them massages too but their beef is incredibly sumptuous and definitely the best we've had in Manchester, if not anywhere! It literally melts in the mouth like a good piece of tuna sashimi, every mouthful like a moment in heaven. That said, the thyme, lemon & white wine roasted poussin is something special, served up with lashings of gravy, loads of roast potatoes (we had 6 big roasties on the plate!), plenty of veg and of course a big beautiful Yorkshire pudding. The poussin is extremely moist and packed full of flavour, something we'd definitely order again. The Sunday lunches definitely aren't the prettiest plates of food we've ever had but they're certainly some of the tastiest and that beef more than makes up for it!

Also, any restaurant that allows you to order a chemex to go with your lunch is a winner in our books, especially when they nail the brew. The wine list looks pretty special too so we'll be back on another sunny afternoon to enjoy a glass or two in their big open windows. Let us know if you head down to try what they've got to offer!