Our favourite lunch spot in Manchester


Although the reasonably recently opened The Patron is pretty much filled to the rafters most days, you don't tend to see people raving about their food which is a shame because for us it's one of our favourite spots in Manchester. We first tried their food back in March when they did the awesome beer pairing menu with Lervig and since then we've been smitten. Admittedly their main menu is on the pricier side but for us we believe you absolutely get what you're paying for because the quality is A++. If you're feeling a little tight on the cash or begrudge cashing out on a first try then you're in luck because they've recently launched a lunch menu and it's A - an absolute bargain (£10 for a main & side) and B - incredibly delicious.

Armed with a good friend we headed to try the new menu and definitely ordered way too much food for three people (two lunches per person is normal yeah?) but every last plate was empty so we could end this here and you'd have a good idea how the food was. But that would be doing the new menu a disjustice. So what was worth writing home about?... everything!


There's a lemon and saffron chicken kebab with salad, slaw, chilli, mint yoghurt and pickled cucumber that has the perfect mix of tasting pretty naughty but equally healthy at the same time, every bite has you wanting more and you'll be extremely sad when it's over - we'd pair this with a side of skinny fries for the ultimate feel good feast.


Next up is the shawarma spiced pulled lamb which is both crispy and tender all at the same time and tastes insane on its own but you'll find a herb salad, pomegranate and smoked aubergine yoghurt and Persian bread all joining the party in your mouth.

The chargrilled bavette steak is both beautiful to look at and beautiful to eat, we're talking rare steak, Harissa mayo and salad all served up on Persian bread - it's basically a steak sandwich and a damn tasty one at that.


If fish is your thing then try the chargrilled filleted bream with confit heritage tomatoes, seaweed, lemon and pickled samphire, sophisticatedly simple but with so much depth of flavour.

There's also 2 salads on the menu which are never something we'd usually pick (because we're all about the burgers right?) but both were as equally delicious and well thought out, and both we'd order again. One is a simple roast chicken salad made up of blackcurrants, pine nuts, barberries, toasted pumpkin seeds and sourdough croutons which make sure every mouthful is a delight.


The other is one for the veggies (although meat eaters would be missing out if they didn't pick this too) made up of roasted squash, caramelised red onion, cashew nuts, pomegranate and chilli with a tahini yoghurt dressing, perfectly seasoned with salt this dish has a great mix of sweet & salty. 

So what's the best? Liam would argue the shawarma spiced lamb but Danielle would argue the lemon & saffron chicken kebab, either way you'd be onto a winner. That melt-in-the-mouth bavette steak is up there with the best too! 

The lunch menu runs 12-4 Monday to Friday, but if you can't make it down during that time then the main menu has slight variations of most of the dishes we tried so you can still get in on the action!