Sunday Lunches & Local Delicacies at The Oast House


If you’ve enjoyed a summer in Manchester you’ll have no doubt found yourself in The Oast House on at least one occasion. We’d easily argue that it's home to Manchester’s most popular “pub garden” (although personally we’re big fans of The Wharf in Castlefield as it’s such a tranquil escape from the bustling city life). It’s the perfect place to enjoy a few beers with friends, make an absolute mess trying to eat their hanging kebabs (totally worth it though!) and enjoy some live music!

After undergoing a pretty substantial refurbishment (mainly structural but there is a new bar, toilets and swanky new stage) this quirky restaurant is back open with a new food & drink menu just in time for Summer.

We stopped by recently to give their Sunday lunches a go from their aptly names “R-Oast House” menu, kudos for whoever came up with that one. There’s 5 Sunday lunch options, each as equally difficult to pick between all served with the most delicious honey-mustard glazed carrots, braised red cabbage (this makes a Sunday lunch if you ask us!), tenderstem broccoli, homemade Yorkshire puddings and rotisserie gravy. Whether pork belly, rotisserie chicken, premium English beef, chestnut roast or roast lamb is your thing there’s going to be a delicious plate of food to satisfy your Sunday lunch cravings. We opted for the rotisserie-roasted lamb with homegrown mint sauce and the rotisserie-roasted ridings reserve premium English beef (that’s a mouthful – figuratively & literally) with homemade horseradish cream both seasoned with garlic & rosemary sea salt. We’ll be honest, like most Sunday roasts neither are the prettiest dishes to photograph but boy do they taste good especially when washed down with a glass of red!

We followed up the roasts with a couple of puddings, one that was super sickly (and we’re not saying that in a bad way!) and the other that’s a local delicacy… the good old Eccles cake topped with creamy Lancashire cheese. The mix of hot flaky salty pastry, sweet currants and crumbly cheese is a combination that can’t be beat – and one that we’ll be returning for! The warm  baked chocolate chip cookie dough with salted caramel ice cream and toffee sauce is another delight that can’t be missed and we’d seriously recommend skipping starters so you can sample both dishes (and that’s coming from a pair of savoury addicts!).

The live music was enjoyed throughout and something that always adds to the atmosphere hearing everyone singing along and just generally having a good time. Next time you’re in Manchester drop by and see what we’re talking about, you won’t regret it!