A boutique budget stay in Porto with enviable views


Porto has a special place in our heart when it comes to city breaks... it’s absolutely breathtaking everywhere you look with the beautifully tiled buildings with terracotta roofs spanning the high hills to the riverside, historic port houses, churches and spires everywhere you look, there’s plenty of places to grab a seriously good glass of wine and to top it off there’s so many places to get really good food!

What makes the city even better is it’s really reasonably priced accommodation, with Bo Almada 340 being exactly that. Located in downtown Porto, Bo Almada 340 is a beautiful restored building housing the most wonderful apartments, each equipped with a full kitchenette. Cute extras lay around your room waiting your arrival, such as handy maps of the area (which the lovely host will point out all the best spots to visit or where to grab brunch), a coffee machine for your morning fix and even a little phone that you can take out with you so you’re not wasting your own data! There’s even DVDs on reception for you to borrow and watch in your room which is a very nice touch.

We chose to stay in the loft because we’d already spied the rooftop terrace, perfect for eating freshly baked croissants and pasteis de nata in the morning before you head out, or great for watching the sunset with a glass of red! The view is seriously enviable due to its high up location in Porto, you’ll even spot some of the city’s famous landmarks.

The rooms are huge and nicely decorated, our room felt like a little log cabin but the rooms below have white walls & tall ceilings if that’s not your thing. One thing to be wary of is the amount of steps you’ll have to conquer if you’re staying in the loft but this is very traditional for Portugal and something we’ve found in every Portuguese property we’ve stayed in - but either way it’s worth the hike!

The location is perfect if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist areas (down by the river) but want to surround yourself with good restaurants and bars - there’s an excellent ramen place and a gourmet hot dog restaurant a mere 60 steps from the front door and we’d recommend visiting them both! For our 3 night stay in September we paid around £250, which we could of probably stayed somewhere cheaper but at £80 a night for the space and the quality we think it’s more than reasonable and we’d definitely stay again!