Coffee perfection at C’alma, Porto


You know when you find a fiver in a coat you haven’t worn since last winter? That great feeling of accomplishment, luck and all our joy? Yeah? That’s exactly what we felt when we stepped into C’alma

As I’m sure you can guess, we weren’t looking for it at all. We were actually about 5 minutes into a 20 minute walk to another coffee spot we’d scoped out when, stood at the bottom of those steep Porto streets, taking a rest and debating our decision to walk there in the heat that we saw a sign that appeared to have some specialty coffee icons on it. Obviously with more hills and more heat ahead of us we decided to take a look. And boy we’re glad we did. 

Stepping inside a huge hotel like lobby and shooting off to the right we found ourselves in possibly the grandest coffee shop we’ve ever stepped foot in. And with a quick look at the menu we knew we’d made a good choice.

This place has coffee flights. Yup, like a beer flight with those small glasses of craft beer all sat on a board, but with coffee. You could choose from 3 coffees brewed one way if you know how you like it made but want to try a few beans. Or you could go for 1 coffee brewed 3 ways if you wanted to see what each method offered. Since we’re firm fans of the V60 we want for that with 3 different coffees. 

Each one was delicious and perfectly brewed, although we chose our absolute fave of Kenya Chorongi. Paired those with a huge slice of tradition Portuguese cake and you had yourself an amazing brunch to kick off a day exploring the city. 

We were seriously gutted that we only found this place on our last day. But if we’re ever back we’ll be paying them a visit. In the meantime, please open one in Manchester!