Drool-worthy food at Huddersfield's PAX Burgers


There's so many gifting for the best burger title, for us the best in Manchester will always be those seriously messy ones from Almost Famous but there's somewhere else that's up there for us and it's just skirting across the other side of the Peak District... PAX serves up gourmet burger realness, sweet sides and plenty of craft beer. As soon as you step through the door you're taken away to New York City with all the bold yellow, the plush booths and the neon signs - without being tacky in the slightest!

Prepare yourself to drool over the menu for hours, there's 14 burgers on there and each and everyone sounds divine in its own way so it's a seriously hard decision to make (plus once you've decided on your burgers you're more likely going to want to work your way through the sides and that's as equally difficult!). We ended up opting for the PAX Noir and Oozy Bluezy both priced at a very reasonable £10 with fries included... so what's on 'em? The PAX Noir is a showstopper in its black charcoal bun but it's what's inside that counts and that is a whole loaf of Monterey Jack cheese, cooked brisket, charred red peppers and sour cream with a seriously juicy beef patty. The Oozy Bluezy is a beef patty smothered in oozing Yorkshire blue cheese, peppercorn sauce mayo (a favourite for us on any burger!) and pink pickled onions. Both seriously messy and 100% worth it!

You're going to want to team your burger with the PAX chicken wings which are topped with spring onions, chilli, coriander and smashed peanuts but you'll also need to plump for the halloumi fries too, smothered in pomegranate molasses, yoghurt and fresh mint. Wash it down with the local Magic Rock beers and you'll be in food heaven.