4am pizzas & all the mescal at Crazy Pedros


If you live in Manchester and haven't at least heard of Crazy Pedros, where have you been hiding? With two sites in Manchester (just behind Spinningfields & lurking down the side of Afflecks) you're never too far from the promise of crazy pizzas, mescal & cocktails. Don't turn up expecting fancy table cloths (are they even still a thing?) and table service because that's far from the vibe they're serving up, it's a party location with good music blasting & gig posters adorning the walls giving the whole place an effortlessly cool feel, but the best bit? Being able to order insane pizzas until 4am.

The pizza dough is made fresh everyday and then topped with everyone's favourite combos (steak & blue cheese, heritage tomatoes & fresh mozzarella, pepperoni & cheese) but also adorning the menu is a long list of some of the weirdest pairings that just work so well... we're talking mini burgers with mac sauce & shredded iceberg lettuce, fried chicken with maple syrup & waffles, chilli sauce with nachos & guacamole - and that's just a highlight of some of our favourites but there's so many more we're yet to try!

Not only that but there's always a monthly special to keep the menu mixed up, previous ones have included a chicken kastu, a full English breakfast and a Christmas dinner on a pizza. Whether you go for one of the simple staples or something downright weird you'll be getting a damn good pizza, there's not a single one we've had to date that we've regretted. Manchester's got a lot of good pizza and for us, it's the best around although if you're up for a traditional Italian style pizza in a relaxed setting then Honest Crust still rules, but Crazy Pedros is the king of carb overloading & top drinks so for that reason we're letting them reign the top of manchester pizza royalty. Plus there's brownie points for having choice between buying by the slice & going the whole hog with a full pizza!


The cocktail list is pretty extensive and pretty much ruled by Agave but they do have a section that's "not agave" if it's not for you. Personally our favourite cocktail on the list (and one of our faves in Manchester) is the Titty Twister - a mix of Bombay sapphire gin, blueberry, lemon & Basil which is pretty much a gin sour and is just incredible. If agave is for you our favourite has to be the The Candy Man - a combination of tequila, cotton candy, lemon & soda. 

 Bonus tip: Watch out for happy hour for £10 pizzas, £2 slices & 2-4-1 cocktails.