Amsterdam's Beer Temple


I’m sure like most people, we always do a bit of research and planning (mostly via Instagram) before we travel anywhere new. For us we’re looking for good coffee shops, a nice place to go for a drink and amazing food. Quite often we then just stumble upon the places we’d found online, exactly what happened with Beer Temple about 20 mins after arriving in Amsterdam.

Just a short walk from Dam Square, this little bar sits with an enormous amount of beers on offer, the majority being American craft ales. There’s so much choice we genuinely stood staring at the massive chalk board menu for what must of been 10 minutes, eventually settling on a couple of beers from some of our favourite breweries.

This place has a real English pub vibe to it with chesterfield style sofas, large wingback chairs and people all sat round the bar, delivering all of this in a gritty/hipster sort of way, and that’s no bad thing.

Being so close to the centre of Amsterdam it was a little pricey, but then again we found that wherever we went in the city drinks seemed a bit more expensive than we're used to in Manchester, with the average beer being €6. 

For a break from a Heineken this is defintiely a great place to stop.