Craft beers and Bao buns at Bao Bar Madrid

We both love a bao, so when we fell upon Madrid's very own Bao Bar we had to give it a try. Set on a small street in Malasaña, behind a little door with not much of a sign above it you'd be forgiven for missing it, but bitterly disappointed that you did.

Inside, Bao Bar is simply a bar and enough stools to seat around 20 people with the chef preparing each bao bun freshly in full sight of everyone in the bar. Beers are in a fridge for you to just grab which ever you'd like, then just let the guy behind the bar know and he adds it to your tab. The setup make for a really relaxed, friendly dining experience, and if we could speak Spanish i'm sure we'd of got chatting to everyone in there.


The menu is short but perfectly formed, with Spanish on one side and English on the other which we found very helpful! We tried 3 of the baos on offer between us; the KFC (Korean Fried Chicken), a classic Hokati filled with marinated pork belly and a Bulgogi, one filled with spicy beef and slaw. Each bao wowed us and with the most expensive one only being €4.50, we could of happily eaten our way through the whole menu.


We both really loved that this place was as small as it was even though it was so good. It felt like they were sticking to do one thing well, making damn good bao buns, and not getting carried away with expanding and growing. We hope next time we're in Madrid Bao Bar is just as awesome becasue we'll definitely be eating there again.