Craft beer and cheese at Bee Beer, Madrid


Before we left for Madrid we did the usual 'Instagram research' looking for places to eat and drink. This is where we found Bee Beer.  This place had us at their logo alone, but pair that with 8 craft beers on tap PLUS a whole host of artisanal cheese and they were onto a real winner for us.  

Like with most places we visited in Madrid, this was a small, cosy bar with room for about 20 people seated which is nice as it gave us a chance to chat with the owner about the bar and their beers.

When we got there we settled ourselves at the bar and had a beer each before we ordered a beer and cheese flight (we love every one of those words). That's 5 little beers each (which you can choose from the 8 on offer) so we could taste pretty much everything they had on that day, plus 3 cheeses from the North, centre and South of Spain, chutney and bread. Before anything like this gets to the table you always build an expectation up in your mind, well this cheese board blew that away. Not only were they a selection of the best cheeses we've ever eaten, but you got so much of them all and they were paired with the most delicious strawberry chutney! Guaranteed a Manchester bar doing this wouldn't be anywhere near as generous. 

The bill at the end was another little surprise, with it all coming to a very reasonable €37.40.