Food and craft beer pairing menu in Manchester


Note: This menu is on for a limited time only and will be running until 13th March 2018

Few words put a smile on our faces more than ‘great food’ and ‘craft beer’ so, when we heard The Patron in Manchester’s Northern Quarter had teamed up with Norwegian brewery Lervig (and their UK importers Cave Direct) to launch a limited time menu of delicious food paired perfectly with craft beer we couldn’t wait to give it a try.

The menu consists of 4 dishes, all inspired by and containing the beer they’re being paired with. You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s just a bit of a gimmick, but trust us, this has really been thought out and the beers work absolutely amazingly with all the food they accompanied

So, what’s on the menu? Well let us talk you through it. There’s 4 food & beer pairings available, all of which can be bought separately so you don’t need to come out expecting to drop £100+ on a 4 course dinner. You can just get what sounds good to you which is nice, and keeps it a lot more informal than a typical tasting menu with wine pairings might do. Now onto the food.


Goats cheese hone souse x Lervig Tasty Juice - £13

If you’re a goats cheese fan then this one is definitely for you. On your plate you get a great big piece of goats cheese wrapped in a thin, crispy layer of filo pastry served with perfectly sweet roasted plum tomatoes that have been soused in honey and a good slug of Lervig’s Tasty Juice finished with a lovage oil/pesto style sauce.

This is paired with half a pint of Tasty Juice, which is a 6% abv, double hopped IPA that really packs a fruity punch. The sharp fruitiness of the IPA cuts through the residue that goats cheese always seems to coat your mouth with, making the light fruity beer the best contrast to the rich indulgent dish. This beer was a personal favourite of ours that we’ll definitely be looking out for in other bars. Even though it’s 6% it was a really refreshing, easy to drink IPA.


Beef short rib with rich gravy and smoked swede x Lervig Maple Stout - £23

Next up is a delicious, melt in your mouth and fall apart with the slightest touch of a fork, beef short rib. The real star of this dish is the sticky, smoky gravy that the rib is lavished in. Made from black garlic, chilli and a whole load of Toasted Maple Stout, it’s reduced right down until sticky and sweet before being poured generously over the beef.

What better beer to serve this dish with than half a pint of the very stout they’ve used the make the gravy. Lervig’s Toasted Maple Stout is brewed with lashings of maple syrup and vanilla plus lots and lots of dark roasted, toasty malts to give it a smokey flavour. Being completely honest neither of us are fans of Stout and when we saw it on the menu sitting at a crazy 12% abv we dreaded it a little. But when it arrived, we gave it a go and it quite literally knocked our socks off. So sweet and syrupy, paired perfectly with the sticky beef it was served with. This Stout from Lervig has 100% changed our opinions of stouts!

We could of sat having this food and beer pairing all day, or at least until the stout saw us off.


Fillet of mackerel with pomegranate salsa x Lervig Hop Drop Sour - £12

After the richness of the first two courses you need something light and fresh to break it up a bit making this dish perfect! A delicate fillet of North Sea Mackerel topped with a pomegranate salsa made using Lervig’s Hop Drop Sour IPA.

The mackerel was cooked to perfection, with a beautiful crispy skin, this oily fish worked perfectly with the sharp fruity salsa that sat on top of it. Pair that with one of the easiest to drink Sour IPAs we’ve ever had and you have a match made in heaven.

Hopefully the team at The Patron remember this dish when summer comes around so they can get it back on the menu, because it’s just perfect for the hot weather. The half pint of Hop Drop Sour that’s served with it is definitely going to be on our radar when that warmer weather hits again. It’s tart and hoppy with loads of zing and a hit of zang, again helping to cut through the oily fish, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready for one last dish.


Pork chop with Jerusalem Artichoke x Perler for Svin - £20

The final dish on the craft beer pairing menu is a 350 gram, IPA marinated pork chop with an apple and jerusalem artichoke purée. This dish is a really simple one, but, like the others really packed a punch in the flavour department. Cutting chunks off the juicey pork chop and loading it up with purée then washing it down with can of Perler for Svin, an equally juicey IPA, was the best way to end a meal.

What’s great about this pairing is that the name of the beer ‘Perler for Svin’ is actually a Norwegian saying meaning ‘Pearls for Pigs’. Now, when they named it they probably weren’t thinking ‘this will go great with pork dishes’ but that’s exactly what it did. It was a great way to end the whole evening.

The menu at The Patron will be running until 13th March 2018, so make sure you don’t leave it too late to go and sample some of the treats these guys are serving up for the good people of Manchester.