Is this the best place for a beer in Manchester?


Spoiler: Yes it is!

Living in Manchester we're pretty lucky to have endless cocktail bars & fancy restaurants on our doorstep but something the city does lack are REALLY good places for a pint or two of proper good beer. Now don't get us wrong there's plenty of places you can go and get a nice lager on tap, or you may even find some bars stocking cans of locally crafted beer but none are in the same league as our favourite bar; The Pilcrow Pub. 

Nestled away in the most unlikely space near Victoria station, you'll find Sadlers Yard, a haven from the tall towering buildings that surrounding it. Hidden away in the corner of that yard you'll find Pilcrow, a beautiful wooden cabin built entirely by a selection of volunteers from the community - and when we say built we're talking structural right down to the fittings & furnishings you'll find inside! Not only that but it's a designers paradise too from the logo right through to the artwork displayed & event posters that are usually up on the walls.

Whether you pop down on a quiet rainy day or a bustling summers day there's always great atmosphere & great beer guaranteed, everyone's welcome and you'll find such a big mix of people who all just want to appreciate good beer & food together. The taps are ever changing and they regularly hold tap takeovers with some of the best breweries around and the guys behind the bar are always happy to talk you through what's on tap or let you have a sample before you decide which is right for you. If you don't like anything on tap that day (which is very unlikely as they always have a good variety) there's still still a full fridge of craft beers from around the world to choose from. You can also pick a spritzer, bottle of wine or local coffee from Manchester roasters Heart & Graft if you're not in the mood for a beer. We've drunk some of the best beers we've ever had in Pilcrow and discovered so many new favourites that it keeps us returning time & time again.

Whether you just want to pop in for a quiet drink and play a board game or dominoes they have above the bar, or you want to grab all your friends and go for a full on session you won't be disappointed with Pilcrow.

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