Källa Beer Factory


We stumbled upon this bar by accident whilst on our way to Bee Beer (the call of great beer and cheese was too much for us to resist) and decided it looked exactly like the sort of place we like so stopped for a beer.  

They had 3 beers on, although the tap could of housed a few more, as well as a fridge full of bottled and canned craft ales. We both opted for the beer they were brewing literally 10 feet away from where we were sat, and because it was quiet in there we got the chance to chat with the extremely friendly owner and bartender. They told us that the beer they were brewing is a Swedish recipe which results in a really nice looking amber coloured beer, with a lovely hoppy taste. 

The fermentation vessels were out in the bar for people to see so we got the chance to geek out a bit with the owner showing us around them. He even showed us his new toy that they were excitedly experimenting with whilst we were there, a little device for inspecting beer particles close up. His passion was evident, and it just made our time there all the better. 

It had only been open a few months so it would be nice to go back if we're ever in Madrid again to see how it's grown and what's been added to the beer selection, hopefully with some more brewed in house.