Lunch at Altrincham's Old Working Men's Club


If there’s one thing that Altrincham isn’t lacking it’s good places to eat & drink, whether you’re looking for a cosy space for a cup of coffee or a full blown 3 course meal there’s just so many choices. We’ve already confessed our undying love for Altrincham Market's amazing pizza or the ultimate Korean fried chicken burger but there’s another spot just outside the markets front steps that also deserves its own share of the limelight. We’re talking about The Con Club, a restaurant-come-microbrewery which opened last year in the towns old Working Men’s Club serving up everything from sushi to chateaubriand. Inside you find a large central bar and a long open kitchen, all decorated with white brick walls, hanging industrial lights and big floor to ceiling windows letting plenty of light in.

It's very much a venue you can visit all day long, however the evening menu is a little on the steep side (expect to pay around £10 for a starter & £20 for a main) putting it on line with places like Hawksmoor, Manchester House and Rosso which we're sure it justifies but we've only ventured for lunch and brunch a couple of times so we can't confirm or deny that! That said, the brunch & lunch menu is pretty reasonable with all dishes priced in between £5 & £16 tops. We've popped in for lunch a few times and always had a pleasant time with great food, good service and a lovely atmosphere. If you're looking for good comfort food we'd recommend their Con Club sausage & mash, which comes served up like an adorable cottage pie with sausages, gravy & veg underneath a piped mash potato top, grilled until crispy and then served up with a tangy pickled red cabbage slaw. 

We'll definitely be heading to Con Club again and maybe one day we'll cough up the cash for their a la carte menu but for now we're more than happy to be sticking with brunch. And we'll be even happier if they put the fish finger sandwich back on the menu, that always makes for a great mid week lunch!