Manchester's Best Cocktail Bar That You Didn't Know Existed


You hear the term "best keep secret" thrown around pretty loosely these days, we'll admit we're probably a little guilty of this when we've found somewhere that's not on everyone's radar but this time we really mean the sentiment.. we've found a bar in Manchester that's so secret you've probably walked past it a number of times without ever even noticing it was there. So, what makes it the best?

Have you got your best detective hat on? Good, you'll want to head to King Street South, the one behind El Gato Negro and get searching for an inconspicuous red sign in a doorway which reads 'Wood & Company. Goods Entrance. Keep Clear'. Once you've found it walk through the black door that has nothing else on apart from the number 39 and then head through the frosted glass door that reads 'Goods Entrance'. Head down the steps into the basement and you'll have found yourself in Manchester's best speakeasy bar. The place is covered head to toe in low hanging lights, mahogany bookshelves, rustic leather bar stools, booths and plenty of marble (but not in the overdone Instagram flatlay sense), there's a rich scent of incense in the air and the whole atmosphere is cosy and sleek. 


No sooner are you through the door you're greeted with a crystal tumbler of water and told to make yourself comfy as it's all table service. What's amazing is that as soon as there's one group standing they stop letting anyone else in to make sure that everyone's experience is the best it can be. We decided to pull up a stool at the bar to get the best view of their cocktail making and to chat to the incredibly friendly and down-to-earth bar staff. The cocktail menu is relatively concise but manages to cover all bases, but if you want to get the best cocktail tailored to your tastes then let them know what flavours you love and they'll make you the ultimate tipple that's not on the menu - we tried quite a few and all our favourites were off menu, these guys know their mixology!

Stand out cocktails had to be their twist on a Brooklyn (like a manhattan but with walnut bitters and maraschino liqueur) and Perfect Lady (Gin, peach liqueur, lemon juice and egg white - made extra sour just for Danielle who eats lemons straight up). 

All the guys were incredible but if you manage to get Meg or Felix you're in for a laugh, some incredible recommendations on other bars you might like or restaurants to visit on your next city break, and one hell of a cocktail! So would we return? We already have, a mere 16 hours after our first visit we were already back with friends and we can safely say we'll be back again and again!

Ps. There was a selfish part of us that didn't even want to share this gem with anyone else because we wanted to keep it all for ourselves but it's just too good not to share!