Saucy food & craft beer on a bright pink bus


Manchester is already a pretty magical place at Christmas but there's only so many times you can visit Zippy Santa and the markets before you start to search out something different and Meat Lust's Sauce And The City Christmas Special Tour is exactly that right kind of different. Merge together some of the worlds best craft beers, incredible food and some of Manchester's very own best food joints and you're doing pretty well, then throw into a mix the brashest bright pink led lit double decker bus as your home for the night, decorated by Manchester's best graffiti artist Qubek (the incredible guy who'd behind all of Manchester's bee murals) and you've got a recipe that simply can't be beat! 

Yes it's the most expensive bus ticket you'll purchase in Manchester, but for the £30 ticket you're paying for 4 courses cooked on the top deck of the bus by Meat Lust's chef Alex Worrall (ex head chef at volta/ refuge / Lowry) all smothered in their incredible sauces, plus 2 special edition Meat Lust creations at Northern Soul Grilled Cheese and Crazy Pedro's both using the limited edition Santa's Cranberry Ketchup a super tart and tangy cranberry sauce that was created especially for the tour, although rumour has it they'll be selling a small number of these on their online shop extremely soon! If that isn't enough for your money, then how about 5 craft beers that would usually set you back about £25 alone, we're talking Kona Hanalei, Beavertown Gamma Ray, Brooklyn Brewery Scorcher IPA, Gipsy Hill Beatnik and Manchester's Shindigger Mango Unchained - a beer we've already confessed our love to anyone who'll listen. As a special stop off on the Friday night tour we also headed to Shop Party at Ancoats General Store where Brooklyn put on an incredible speed using Brooklyn's beer as inspiration and Meat Lust's sauces in everything.

Unfortunately the Christmas tours were only on for one weekend so you've missed out if you didn't manage to get on the bus this weekend, but they're planning tours in other cities in the new year so head to their site for more info on ticket releases!