Milkshake IPAs at Brouwerij De Prael


When we're visiting a new city one of the first things we hunt for is a craft beer bar or even better, a local micro brewery. When we visited Madrid earlier this year we were blown away by Bee Beer and Kalla Beer Factory so new cities have a lot to live up to! So when we flew to Amsterdam we already knew that we had to drop into Brouwerij De Prael, a small brewery a couple of streets away from the cities bustling red light district, tucked away down an extremely cute street. If you didn't know what you're looking for you could easily miss this place but the locals certainly know where the good beer is at, because every single seat in the house was filled and we visited midweek! The place is a huge hipsters dream, split across 3 floors with its brewery on site, mismatched furniture, old band posters & vinyls on the walls and quirky antiques & house plants throughout.


We tried two of their beers, their standard IPA and a special Milkshake IPA both of which are brewed in the onsite brewery which you can see through a huge glass window if your sat upstairs. The Milkshake IPA tasted exactly like its namesake, an incredibly creamy light beer that was so delicious we had to order a second despite them having so many other beers on offer! We didn't try any food because we'd already stopped by Mannekenpis to try their legendary chips and mayo (we went for the truffle Mayo btw and they were insane!) but we were pretty jealous when the table next to us ordered a huge plate of nachos and wings so we'd recommend giving their food a go if you're looking for the ultimate beer snacks. 

You can book onto a tour of the brewery which comes complete with 4 beers for €17.50 so if you fancy yourself a bit of a been connoisseur you should check that out too.