The best place for street food in Madrid


San Ildefonso Market is officially our Mecca. A whole building filled with bars, food stalls selling amazing street food and rooftop terraces to enjoy the city’s sun. When we walked up to the middle floor to be greeted with a room lined with every type of food seller going we couldn’t of been happier and knew we'd found exactly what we'd been searching for.

Whilst figuring out what to eat you can grab a drink from the bar, we went for a pint of Paulaner  (a really nice German beer you should try if you’ve never had it). All the traders at the stalls were friendly, eager to tell you about the food they were making and on the odd occasion offering up samples of what they had on offer.

For us, we were drawn to a lovely lady making delicious looking octopus (pulpo in Spanish) served up on little wooden boards. We’d had octopus before a couple of times, but none of them compared to this. It was simple, served with olive oil, some paprika, a pinch of salt & pepper and that was it. That simple dish is probably up there with some of the best food we’ve ever eaten and for €12 we were shocked at how much of the amazing pulpo we got.

That was then followed up with some mixed Argentinian BBQ skewers, simply because we’re a sucker for anything with chimichurri. We opted for the squid, steak and rich Spanish sausage, all perfectly seasoned and served with bread to mop up the delicious leftover sauces. Although it wasn't quite as good as the pulpo it was still an incredible plate of food that we'd of happily ordered again.

We’d of happily eaten here every night of our trip, and we definitely wouldn’t get bored with the choice on offer. Trust us, if your a foodie, then this is A MUST if your visiting Madrid for a few days.  

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