Staying at Zilwa Attitude, Mauritius

We visited Mauritius for our honeymoon at the end of November and as far as paradise islands go this one's probably the most beautiful going. We stayed at Zilwa Attitude in the north for two weeks on an all inclusive basis and quite frankly it was the best hotel we've ever stayed in. Granted it was our honeymoon so we more than likely would of had the best time wherever we went but that’s a different story. The hotel is virtually as far away as you can get from the airport with an hours drive time, something you could do without after a 12 hour flight, but the hotel looked amazing online and with the North promising the best weather we persevered. 


When arriving at Zilwa you're met by an absolutely breathtaking view of the infinity pool, the plush open bar, the white sandy beach and still, clear turquoise waters as far as the eye can see! You're greeted with a traditional sugarcane cocktail and a refreshing cold cloth whilst they check you in and take your baggage to your room. Unlike most hotels you don't have to stand queueing to check in, instead you're left to relax in the bar with the beautiful views and drinks while the staff bring an iPad over to you to check you in leisurely. 


We'd plumped for the sea view upgrade which is 100% worth the extra money as it's a view to die for! The rooms are all open plan decorated in a traditional Mauritian Islander theme with polished concrete floors, a giant open shower, a huge bed, mini bar, large day bed and a massive balcony complete with a really comfy sofa for you to enjoy the view from. The massive window in room meant you could see the amazing sea view all the way from the entrance to the room, or from the shower if you're brave enough to leave the blinds open. 


Zilwa boasts 5 pools to choose from, one being an incredible infinity pool at the top of the hotel with sea views and 3 private beaches too. Even on days where we didn't make it to the pool or beach until the early afternoon we never struggled to get a bed in our favourite spots despite the hotel being fully booked up. There's also a private island with a secluded beach owned by the hotel which you can visit and enjoy a traditional Mauritian BBQ accompanied with live acoustic music while you eat - you do have to book this one as they only take around 20 people across per day to prevent it from being crowded.


There's 4 main restaurants in the evening, the buffet restaurant which beat all other hotel buffets, a Chinese restaurant, a seafood restaurant on the beach and the most incredible Indian restaurant we've ever eaten in. The food everywhere was insane and there was always something for everyone plus the option to choose traditional Mauritian curries for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Spirits were local brands with the option to purchase premium brands, but with the 2 pages of cocktails available you really didn't need to splash out on them. Be sure to try The Zilwa a short cocktail made from white rum, brown sugar, lemons, limes, angostura bitters and plenty of crushed ice - it's good enough to be sold in Manchester's finest cocktail bars.


There's plenty of free activities from table tennis & beach volleyball, to glass bottom boat tours & snorkelling trips plus all the water-sports you could dream of. Most days we took the kayaks out and spent a good hour splashing around on the clear still waters. We did attempt the stand up paddle boards one day but they're much harder than they look! The glass bottom boat takes you to the edge of the reef with the most spectacular views of the island and the coral itself complete with beautiful colourful fish that congregate all around the boat. There's also the option to go out on the hotels own catamaran for £70 a couple, much cheaper than the excursions offered on the island plus you literally leave from the beach via a little speedboat to get you out to the catamaran so there's no musky coach trip. You get a BBQ on the boat, unlimited drinks, a stop for snorkelling on the incredible reef edge, a visit to the mangroves and an afternoon on an tiny island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

This hotel genuinely is very few and far between so if you get the chance to go grab it with both hands. We'll certainly be back again!